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Perspectives pour la semaine du 10 au 16 décembre 2007 : Un peu d’humour mathématique (ce n’est pas antinomique, oh, croyez-moi) distillé par ce site perso en VO (Erich, tu es mon NERD du jour). Prédictions au carré, cette semaine.

AREAS (21 mars/20 avril):Today a close friend who has let down her boundaries will have a
dilemma. Though you have several axes to grind with her, you should not
let this be a factor. If she can count on you, you will get closure.

TORUS (21 avril/21 mai): Today you will be in your prime. A clique of friends will give you a
ring and hold an enjoyable function. You will feel connected to this
circle of friends, and will be the center of attention.

M and I (22 mai/21 juin): Today you will get a visit from an ex, though you won’t know why. The
jerk is still square, a real number, quite a character. He will feed
you a line about being a pair again, and this will cause an argument,
making you tensor and tensor.

CancerANSWER (22 juin/22 juillet):  Don’t commute today. If you go by plane, the floor will drop out. If
your mode is by car, you will hit a field of trees in the median. Even
walking on your own digits will result in a funeral plot.

E-O (23 juillet/22 août): Today life will throw you a curve. You and a loved one will diverge,
and the distance will feel empty. Though you will see her less, her
existence proves your perfect friendship is in a separate category.
Don’t let it make a difference.

Virgo ERGO (23 août/22 septembre): On the surface, today will seem like an irrational day, continuously
full of problems. The constant chaos will be far from ideal. But the
day will be less negative and more normal than it first appears. Stay
to your regular routine and minimize variation.

E-BAR (23 septembre/22 octobre): Today you will intersect a radical from class, a tan gent of average
height. He will be a cute guy, but obtuse. Help him by reading his
abstract, so he can get his degree and reach his proper rank.

SCORE-PI-O (23 octobre/21 novembre): You have reached a critical point in your life. You are on edge and
have about reached your limit. This minor identity crisis has kept you
in knots for some time. Seek a group of solid friends to set things

SLANTED-AREAS (22 novembre/20 décembre): Today you should stay in bed and catch some Z’s. Stay horizontal and
sleep like a log. This complete lack of activity will mean a minimum of
stress, but it is also a product of the power you have.

CAPRI-CHORD (21 décembre/19 janvier): This period of your life will be similar to one year ago, when your
life was simple and ordered. It is integral that you be careful, lest
you do commit an improper error. Look for a sign, but stick to your

A-SQUARY-PLUS (20 janvier/18 février):
Keep an open mind today. Stop projecting and admit the magnitude of
your problems for a second. If you are analytic, the origin of your
exact difficulty will soon be clear, and your troubles will decrease by

PI-CEES (19 février/20 mars): Today will be an odd day. You will face many complex problems, all
equally frustrating. But you will maximize your joy by finding value in
all of them, and it will turn out to be a fine day.

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